Leanzy, the only place for your team. Leanzy, your teams, your communications, your projects, your way.

Leanzy offers you the client the ultimate solution for all of your teams including


A better process orientation system

re-build and revamp the effective nature of your team through constant comment based reviews and a streamlined platform for task review.

A productive team with Leanzy

See your teams productivity soar through managed deliverables that allow for better task management.

Deliver quality, not quantity

Through quality leadership you can deliver stream-lined projects and improve your teams projects through incisive insights and monthly reporting.

Build up your team, rather than the individual

“With Leanzy you will adopt the Scrum method to aid your team in improving productivity through self-management. From individual goal setting to self management to improve their productivity via individual social commitment to change. Leanzy gives you the technological advantage to improve your overall work flow to deliver your clients a transparent and accountable organization.”

See how Leanzy could work for you!

Things to regard before working with Leanzy

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    How has planning, or lack thereof, effected your teams productivity?

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    Is low viability hurting your productivity?

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    Is your knowledge walking out the door with staff who find a better offer?

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    Do you find the newer team members are making recurring mistakes even during the most basic of tasks?

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    Is a lack of accountability and hesitation limiting your overall growth?

* If you answered yes to any of these questions, then click below and start your free trial today.

A cooperative platform to plan and manage activities

The building blocks for a successful and productive organization with Leanzy


Planning as a team!

With Leanzy you can work together as a team to see a project through from start to finish using the collaborative tools we offer.

Tracking your projects

With individualized tracking you can rest easy knowing the job will stay on track from start to finish.

Process management

Effortless and instant customer automation.

Team management

Delegate team work, appraise and review your teams work all in one convenient location.

Document management

Centralized storage and management of documents all trackable and categorized for ease of access.

Timesheet integration

Timesheet storage within the project to reduce the need for multiple applications.

Advanced program features

The only solution for your team!


Timesheet access

Track you team in real-time


Business Management tools

With Leanzy you can analyze and refine your business to suit the tone of the overall team.


Planning for the long-term

Scrum meetings and review of past projects to ensure long-term efficiency.


Workflow Management

Your organization, your way through personalized workflows.


Task Management

Breakdown the project based on your team members individual strengths.


File Sharing

Centralized file upload and creation.


Report & Dashboard

With proper reporting you can make informed choices about the direction of your business.


Project Management

plan the project from start to finish and outline key points such as project budgets and costs.


Billing Management

Automated and customizable billing that reflects the individual needs of your business.


Ready to take the next step on the road to a better business and develop a team culture that emulates success?